About XWN

The Cross-Watershed Network (XWN) is pioneering new strategies to advance restoration practices in the arid West: creating intentional spaces for practitioners to build relationships across watersheds.

Group sitting around collaborating in the grass

XWN is a network of watershed practitioners who see the value in sharing and collaborating across watersheds. XWN fosters this community of natural connection-builders (“Linkers”) by creating venues, both online and in-person, that makes connecting with peers easy. By connecting across watersheds, practitioners build collective capacity, share resources and create a landscape that fosters large-scale collaboration. Click here to learn more about specific XWN programs.

The Network is currently comprised of more than 200 practitioners from 14 states across the West. Affiliations represented in XWN are currently 37% nonprofit, 33% government at various levels, 15% private, and 11% higher education.

What is a watershed practitioner?

XWN participants represent diverse interests and geographies. “Watershed practitioners” include:
  • staff from nonprofit organizations & watershed groups
  • local, state, & federal agency personnel
  • tribal members
  • university staff and students
  • private consultants
  • grantmakers
  • landowners & passionate community members

… basically anyone devoted to restoring watersheds in the arid West!

Broadening your network to include peers from varied backgrounds and geographies:

  • Inspires innovative solutions to local issues in your watershed
  • Allows you to get advice from peers in order to build on existing knowledge (instead of reinventing the wheel)
  • Connects you to peers that can direct you to the most relevant information (instead of sifting through overwhelming quantities of outdated info)
  • So much more! Tell us why you connect