XWN Participant - Jennifer Varin

Tucson, Arizona

HUC 2 Region

    Watershed Affiliations

    Affiliation Type:Federal Government
    Affiliation Name:Coronado National Forest
    Affiliation Website:http://www.fs.fed.us/
    Affiliation Title:Watershed Program Manager


    Invasive plant control techniques/challenges/solutions. Revegetation - when, what conditions, other strategies for success. Erosion prevention and control strategies.

    Lessons / Successes

    Erosion control structures in small drainages. Some invasive plant control techniques, particularly relating to sweet resin bush. Irrigation water management. Some erosion prevention and control strategies, depending on the issue.

    Areas of Expertise and Experience

    Collaboration / Planning / Facilitation

      Research / Science / Monitoring

        Management / Implementation

          Policy / Legal