XWN Participant - Kevin Williams

Richfield, Utah

HUC 2 Region

  • Great Basin
  • Lower Colorado
  • Upper Colorado

Watershed Affiliations

Affiliation Type:Watershed Group
Affiliation Name:Huntington Creek Watershed Group
Affiliation Title:Collaborator
Affiliation Type:State government
Affiliation Name:Collaborator
Affiliation Website:http://www.utahwatersheds.com
Affiliation Title:Collaborator
Affiliation Type:Non-governmental organization
Affiliation Name:Escalante River Watershed Partnership
Affiliation Website:http://gsenm.org/escalante-river-watershed-partnership/
Affiliation Title:Collaborator


Huntington Creek Watershed Project - Located west of Huntington, Utah. Much of the upper watershed burned in a wildfire in 2012. The first stakeholder meeting will be held shortly (Oct, 2014). Resulting sedimentation from the burned area has impacted local irrigation and drinking water, and power generation at the local paower plant, a major employer.San Pitch River Watershed Group - This group has had a plan in place and an active group for several years. They are in the process of revising their plan. Past areas of emphasis have been water conservation and stream restoration.Kanab Creek Watershed - A recent effort spearheaded by the Kane County Conservation District and the Fredonia Resource Conservation District. They are writing plan at present time.

Lessons / Successes

I am new to this work area, and due to my large focus area, I participate mostly as a collaborator/technical support/cheer leader for several groups. My direction is to find ways to assist start up of locally-led efforts, provide technical support, and find ways to interface NRCS programs with the local efforts. I helped get the ball rolling for the Kanab Creek watershed planning effort, and am now assisting with the start-up for Huntington Creek. I provide technical expertise for the San Pitch watershed group as needed. My main lesson learned is to balance and integrate agency goals and objectives with those of the local planning efforts. I have come to value the importance of locally-led processes, and am seeking ways to inspire local groups.

Areas of Expertise and Experience

Collaboration / Planning / Facilitation

  • Facilitation/Collaboration
  • Grant writing
  • Planning

Research / Science / Monitoring

  • Botany
  • Environmental Science
  • GIS / Geospatial

Management / Implementation

  • Range / Grasslands
  • Uplands

Other Expertise

  • Wetlands