XWN Participant - Brooke Bushman

Tucson, Arizona

HUC 2 Region

  • Lower Colorado

Watershed Affiliations

Affiliation Type:Non-Governmental Organization
Affiliation Name:The Nature Conservancy/Upper San Pedro Program
Affiliation Title:Upper San Pedro Program Coordinator


Near stream recharge projects to benefit riparian systems

Lessons / Successes

Value of working with partners from a place where common goals are foundScience-based decision making and adaptively managing projectsDesign and development of recharge networks- land acquisition, hydrologic modeling (surface & groundwater), site assessment, feasibility study and engineering, and monitoring-network developmentProject funding

Areas of Expertise and Experience

Collaboration / Planning / Facilitation

  • Facilitation/Collaboration
  • Grant writing
  • Planning
  • Public outreach and engagement
  • Project management

Management / Implementation

  • Aquatic / Riparian
  • Erosion Control
  • In-Stream Habitat Improvement
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Range / Grasslands
  • Water / Groundwater / Flow
  • Wildlife / Linkages

Education / Youth

  • Conservation Corps
  • Youth Development Programs
  • High School


  • Individual Gifts