Healthy Watersheds through Healthy Partnerships

XWN is a peer-to-peer learning network that provides virtual and in-person venues to connect watershed practitioners to their peers across boundaries in the arid West.

Why Connect?  Watershed practitioners across the arid West are finding that they can accomplish much more together than they can individually. By sharing restoration strategies and lessons learned across watersheds, well-connected practitioners work more efficiently & effectively.

What is XWN?  The Cross-Watershed Network is a participant-driven, peer-to-peer network of practitioners like you! XWN helps participants connect with peers through in-person and virtual venues to share innovative ideas and to solve real-world problems. Learn more about XWN.

We believe that every practitioner has valuable experience to share. Share your knowledge: Add your name to the XWN Practitioner Directory. Looking for help? Browse the Directory and contact your peers to learn more about what’s they’re up to in their watersheds.