Who We Are

Steering Committee 

In order to ensure that XWN stays current to the evolving needs of practitioners, XWN employs a collaborative governance structure that relies heavily on feedback from XWN Participants.

The XWN Steering Committee provides strategic planning, evaluates programming, and pursues funding opportunities to support the Network. The Steering Committee is a working committee and is geographically and professionally diverse.

(Missing Dave Bastian and Rusty Lloyd)

Current Steering Committee composition:

Dave Bastian – Utah Conservation Corps; Utah State University
Rusty Lloyd – RiversEdge West
Deborah Campbell – Virgin River Conservation Partnership
Genevieve Johnson – Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Melissa McMaster – RiversEdge West
Tahnee Robertson – Southwest Decision Resources
Risa Shimoda – River Management Society
Karen Simms – Pima County Arizona

Know of someone who might be a good fit? Think you might be interested in joining this group of change makers? Email your nomination to steeringcommittee@crosswatershed.net

To learn more about how we apply collective-decision making into our governance structure, we invite you to read through the XWN Charter.

Former Steering Committee members:

Stacy Beaugh (Dec 2012-June 2017) – RiversEdge West
Daniel Oppenheimer (Dec 2012 – Feb 2017) – Tamarisk Coalition; Dolores Riparian Restoration Partnership
Chip Norton (Dec 2012-Apr 2016) – Friends of the Verde River Greenway
Michele Straube (Dec 2012-Dec 2015) – Environmental Dispute Resolution Program, University of Utah; Escalante River Watershed Partnership
Jan Holder (Dec 2012-Mar 2015) – Sky Island Alliance; Gila Watershed Partnership