XWN Participant - Julia Bowman

Paonia, Colorado

HUC 2 Region

  • Upper Colorado

Watershed Affiliations

Affiliation Type:Watershed Group
Affiliation Name:Watershed Coordination
Affiliation Title:Watershed Coordinator


We will be finishing up a BOR WaterSMART Grant this year, and we are starting a flow and irrigation efficiency assessment this summer on the North Fork. Also, the Conservation Center has a long history of community organizing and event planning.

Lessons / Successes

The Paonia River Park! We have a successful community driven example of river restoration (amongst other things). Our organization and its predecessor, NFRIA, have a long history of restoring our rivers, securing conservation easements, managing water quality monitoring, and watershed planning.

Areas of Expertise and Experience

Collaboration / Planning / Facilitation

  • Grant writing
  • Planning
  • Public outreach and engagement
  • Project management
  • Volunteerism


  • Land Trails

Management / Implementation

  • Aquatic / Riparian
  • In-Stream Habitat Improvement
  • Forest Health
  • Water / Groundwater / Flow

Education / Youth

  • Conservation Corps
  • Youth Engagement
  • K-5


  • Special Events