XWN Participant - James Berkley

Denver, Colorado

HUC 2 Region

    Watershed Affiliations

    Affiliation Type:Federal Government
    Affiliation Name:Aquatic Resources Protection
    Affiliation Website:http://U.S. EPA (https://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/epa-region-8-mountains-and-plains)
    Affiliation Title:Water Resources Engineering and Planning
    Affiliation Type:Collaborative partnership
    Affiliation Name:CAMNet (Collaborative Adaptive Management Network)
    Affiliation Website:http://www.merid.org/en/Content/Projects/Collaborative_Adaptive_Management_Network_CAMNet.aspx
    Affiliation Title:Core Group Member


    Large scale environmental restoration, recovery and adaptive management (Missouri River; Glen Canyon Dam-Grand Canyon). Documenting practitioners experience.

    Lessons / Successes

    Measuring success in adaptive management restoration and recovery programs. Also see below.

    Areas of Expertise and Experience

    Collaboration / Planning / Facilitation

      Research / Science / Monitoring

        Management / Implementation

          Policy / Legal

            Education / Youth